11th - 17th June 2017
17th - 24th June - sold out
23rd - 30th September 2017


11th - 17th June
17th - 24th June - sold out
23rd - 30th September
New Season gut healing YOGAROSA retreats IBIZA invite you to take a Vacation from your Ego! 

In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion. Deepening physiological awakening and self-healing on all levels.
Yoga & Ayurveda 

Therapeutic Yoga and Ayurveda gut healing with guided Hawaiian colon cleanse, we are thrilled to introduce highly skilled German Nutritionist Cornelia Povel: another truly remarkable woman. Together we have designed an in-depth therapeutic healing retreat. Concentrating on regeneration, prevention and healing mind body and soul, through Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Ayurvedic Colon Cleanse, healthy nutrition and a balancing 5 Element diet.
Cornelia will guide you through your individual 5 Element diet plan.

After the first consultation, Cornelia will create your individual treatment and therapy plan. Bio resonance testing confirms pre-existing medical conditions and any allergies/ intolerances (lactose, wheat, amalgam etc.) so they can be eliminated/reduced in your diet for improved digestion and enhanced immunity.

Throughout the holistic colon healing retreat week, only liquid food, sweet and saltwater, mineral formula and a detoxing medical vegan herb soup, are going to be served. It is going to be a week of drinking lots of liquids. You are going to be amazed not to feel any hunger as your colon will be filled with a mineral formula which keeps you in a good mood.
On the last day of the treatment you will enjoy a delicious 5 Elements meal.
YOGAROSA Therapeutic Yoga and Holistic Hawaiian Colon Cleansing Retreat with Rosa Klein and Cornelia Povel.

The gastrointestinal tract is the largest immune system in our body. The gut immune system is the key to maintaining a healthy gut as well as overall health. More than 70% of all defense cells are sitting here; over 100 million nerve cells envelop our digestive tract. 95% of the happiness hormone Serotonin is produced by our "second brain". Corenlia’s Ayurvedic-Hawaiian colon cleansing therapy is a gentle and sustainable method of cleansing body, mind and soul. A powerful combination of selected organic herbs and minerals is used to heal and clean the intestinal organs from harmful debris and toxins within 6 days. 

In addition, therapeutic yoga and meditation, sound healing, daily lectures and consultations are going to support you during this therapeutic medical Yoga retreat. Cornelia is monitoring the progress; guests see her for individual consultation every day and work very closely with Cornelia to achieve optimum health. There are daily ongoing lectures on 5 elements, a cooking workshop and a lot more.

Prices for the Yoga & Ayurveda therapeutic gut healing retreats start from € 2100 for 6 nights excluding flights.

Including daily Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, supervised Detox program, accommodation, diet and all non-alcoholic drinks, full use of all facilities. YOGA ROSA is an alcohol free non-smoking retreat 

• Transforming Reiki healing and massages with Pernilla from Sweden
• Energising Thai massages with Giovanni
• Heart opening therapeutic massage with Carole 
• Raise your frequency with Bio Resonance therapy with experienced practitioner Brigit
• Infusions and IV drips  
• Beautiful walks to explore the island, riding
• Freediving - Freediving is about silence and the silence that comes within.

Yogarosa Retreats Ibiza
Can Toni Mari 1094
Santa Eularia
Ibiza / Baleares /Spain
For booking email Rosa Klein or call directly on 0034 608 813 668 
Healing Holidays  
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