Frequent meditation and constant 
yoga practice helped strengthen my muscles, injured bones and ligaments

Rosa (gently) guides us to deepen our (own) practise and gives (enlightening) insight into the mechanisms of our (beautiful) bodies. 

The uplifting flow of the Asanas prevents disease, by exercising and strengthening our internal organs. (Peaceful) yoga practise rewires our brains for (greater) innovative thinking and (creative) expression.

Our emotions can often mislead us to take unwise decisions, making (situations) (and) life more complicated than it needs to be. Through her Yoga Therapy, Rosa teaches US (people) to become more aware of (their) OUR (intuition)BODY, and how to use it. Once we have discovered this skill, everyday life becomes easier as we (can) make decisions more quickly, knowing that they are (the) right (ones). After recovering from a serious car accident Rosa created Yoga Rosa Retreats. To rid herself of the constant pain and in order to return to full health, she started studying and practising Yoga in India where she went through a long teacher training. Rosa Klein has created a tranquil nurturing atmosphere at her beautiful hidden retreat. Surrounded by a fragrant pine forest in the heart of rural Ibiza.  Her combination of daily healing Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Sound Healing, Quiet Reflection and a vibrant healthy diet allows you to reconnect with your true self and detox on all levels. Rosa (strongly) believes in the (incredible) healing powers of Yoga THAT´S WHY she has devoted herself to guide her guests to reconnect with themselves in the tranquil natural setting on the goddess island of Ibiza

 In 2002 I had a very serious accident; I had been run over by a car and was fighting for my life. The doctors doubted that I would survive, and for several days I lay in a coma.  At this time I had a near-death experience that completely changed my life. I was able to observe everything that happened to me after the accident: I saw myself on the operating table and watched them shave my head and cut my clothes away. My head had broken open like an overripe melon and my chest was torn open as well.
But none of it mattered to me. I turned away and felt something lifting me towards a wonderful light, so wonderful that nothing around me seemed important. I had the feeling that there is a purpose to everything in life. Even if it meant my three children would have to grow up without their mother, it all seemed to be right. I was free from every negative emotion and every unpleasant quality; my fear was gone. Instead I was filled with pure love and trust. It was so wonderful that all I wanted was to advance further into the light. I did not want to come back but I woke up again in the hospital. It took a year for my body and soul to recover, and I was in constant pain. My soul was also crying out for me to change my lifestyle, and thus I began searching.

I frequently meditated and constantly practiced sports, in order to strengthen the muscles that my injured bones and ligaments needed for support. It worked to an extent, but I still had constant pain in my back, chest and in my knees.

My daughter suggested travelling to India for a yoga retreat. That was the beginning of my true spiritual journey and healing first with yoga and then with yoga therapy. I had arrived where I needed to be. 

I learned that I can use this therapy to help other people rid themselves of pain and, just as I did, live a pain-free life again. This yoga therapy is very gentle, without pressure or force. The body itself decides how far to go; the instructor does not interfere with the pupil’s subtle body. By repeating the same asanas every day, guests acquire a better feel for their own bodies, and with regular practice they quickly become stronger, healthier and more flexible.
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